Silver Supernova

From the most recent Telfar drop, the resurgence of 2014 “Tumblr aesthetics” to Paris Fashion Week- the signs of Silver making it’s way back into our hearts (and jewellery boxes) are all there. 


Let’s learn a little about Silver, shall we?


Silver’s atomic symbol on the periodic table of elements is Ag, which is short for the Latin word “Argentums” (the word Silver has Anglo-Saxon roots). 

Silver is a precious metal that is not only known for it’s decorative beauty, but also is one of the best conductors of electricity. 

Scientists believe most Silver is formed from sulfur compounds within the Earth’s crust, but recently astronomers in Chile discovered that both Silver and Gold are found in the dust of exploded stars!

Both metals form naturally in supernovas.
Supernovas explode and leave behind a neutron star. 

130 million years ago, 2 neutron stars that happened to be close to Earth, smashed into each other and the debris of that star smash was pulled down by Earth’s gravity. Some astronomers seem to believe that there’s a possibility that all the Silver and Gold on Earth came from this collision! 

dramatic reenactment of a neutron star collision

(dramatic reenactment of a neutron star collision)

So it’s possible that every time you wear your Silver and Gold jewellery you’re wearing the sparkling dust of an exploded star. 
How neat is that?!  
(Author’s note: I’m emotional about the wonders of the Universe)


The first recorded mining of Silver was in ancient Sumer and ancient Greece around 4000 bc. 
The Indigenous people of South America used Silver in their jewellery, and goods. Later in 1492, the Spanish colonizers came and took their Silver, which popularized the use of Silver in Western Europe. 

Today the majority of the world’s Silver is mined from Mexico, Peru, China, Poland, Russia, Argentina and Australia. 
(Fun fact: Argentina was named so by the Spaniards because when they showed up, the Indigenous people native to the area offered the Spaniards Silver (Argentums) as welcoming gifts.)

Raw Silver is extremely soft. So soft that it can be woven into fabrics (which is done by many commercial brands today for Silver’s “anti-microbial” properties, but it seems that the science behind that is not actually proven). To make Silver malleable, Indigenous Silversmithing combined Silver with Copper which is how Sterling Silver came to be. Sterling Silver is typically what your jewellery is made of, as well as the good silverware that your abuelita keeps in a separate drawer (only to be used on wedding days, and if the Pope comes over for dinner).


Metaphysically, Silver is the metal of emotions. In combination with gemstones, the Silver will enable the connection between the stone and the person wearing it, creating a harmonic flow of energy. 
Silver is also used to enhance the third eye, and helps the wearer connect their subconscious mind. 
Since Silver is reflective it also aids in protection, because it reflects negative energy away from the wearer. 

So our Protective Eye range in Silver would be perfect if you’re worried about any possible dirty looks being thrown your way. 

Silver Protective Eye Bracelets


In the end, we know trends are cyclical, so a comeback for silver has been almost overdue, and we are definitely excited for this one.

But if you’re worried because chunky gold jewellery is more your vibe; no matter what the trend is, a timeless piece is a timeless piece. 
One of our favorite mottos at Zart is “if you like it, wear it!!”